Gethsemane / Wonderland/ July 1 1981

Judas’ kiss, so I read was just a sign.   ‘To come see’ who is lurking in such a lusty garden. Too much heavy clotted bleeding. There were dropped pearls of blood on the ground.Still trying to mop it all up.

Way too much rich resin spilled.Like laureled Wonderland, ‘Four on the fucking Floor.’ Doubled penetration smeared and bucket slouched.

All over the walls. Like big bad Gregory Diles saying; “Oh damn, Johnnys making a movie ”



My High School Years

Special outings and field trips, Why “What happens here, stays here,” now made a perfectly baked sense.

Sin finds anoyminity in numbed out ‘Busy Work.’Sin lies, secrets veiled, covered up.

Sin orbed, black noire swinging; Sin squared off, Jesus and Mary chained, beaded, fingered and mysterious.

Sin is cultured, folded and turned into sour milk stomached suicide.

Sin is conveniently oblivious, red lettered scandalous; an ex rated holy watergate.

Darted flames shatter Frank Zappaed souls that remain  together outrageously.

If only an excuse would absolve; finger pointing, chapter and verse.

A choired voice raised,confirming  that ‘ We see.’

‘Amen’I say in obvious retort, consequences now fully realized.

Unrepentant, and festering delirium comes only at night.

Martyred I will be,only for you will I go away to turn the dark into light.


U titled #2

Scalded,scolded Memes, form gravelled interstates.

Linked by breeze ways that I didn’t care,not a thought.

Blankly starring, buttoned and beaded vessels, idle with nothing to plate.

A Queens papered face has no value in casting such a peculiar lot.


Unable to navigate around cornered Big Game Boards.

Unwinding, and recoiling into a game of cut thumbed Chinese Checkers.

Spotting  like blotchy iron ore, midnight crimson rains on his sword.

Bloody nosed Paladins L’s along to mate the red queen;A real doubledecker.


Star busted out of a cannon, straight to the floor.

Nothing approaches my reach,I am plead, fetishly  I implore.

My manifesto complete,abruptly upright; Since I merely need to be properly